Our bespoke Data Science, AI and ML solutions address the specific needs of retail and beyond

CRM & Digital Marketing


Sales & Operations

CRM & Digital Marketing

Gain deeper insights and identify the best ways to engage customers

Predictive Customer Lifecycle Management

Personalize actions with a full suite of AI solutions tailored to every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Omnichannel Engagement

Integrate all customer engagement platforms to enable dynamic customer activation recommended by AI models.

Predictive Audience Selection

Target audience selection using predictive modeling across all sources of data across channels.

Ads Landing Page Personalization

Create personalized ads for both visitors and registered customers online to optimize ad efficiency.


Predict customer demand, optimize inventory and pricing

Demand Forecasting

Forecast customer demand to offer the right product, at the right time, at the right location.

Persona-driven Assortment Intelligence

Recommend brand portfolio and product assortment based on market trends to lift sales.

Inventory Management

Automate inventory ordering and movement to minimise missed sales opportunities.

Dynamic Pricing

Adjust markup and markdown based on price elasticity and market insights to maximize gross profit.

Sales & Operations

Optimizing business operations using AI

Clientele Optimization

Help frontline staff to manage their customers with insights and action suggestions by AI.

Human Resources Enablement

Recommend the right candidates to HR and AI chatbot to answer new hires’ questions.

Loyalty Program Optimization

Create a hyper-personalized loyalty program to maximize customer retention and profitability.